We combine the traditional chinese medicine with the unique, comfortable and safe fat reducing machine to do the slimming in a healthy way. 


Skönhet kommer inifrån!

How does the treatment work

The treatment consists of ultrasound fat reduction and traditional Chinese therapy. The ultrasound creates conditions for treatment by creating sound waves, which are perceived as vibrations in the fat cell. The instrument creates an uneven sound wave, which create chaos and disorder which contributes to increased friction within the fat cell, which leads to cavitation. Cavitation in this context means that the liquid within the fat cell vibrates as the ultrasonic frequency, about 25,000 times per second. The liquid in the cell is not capable of this and a cavity is created inside the cell.

The cavity consists of microscopic vacuum bubbles, which will also vibrate as frequency, as a result, there is a friction between the bubble and the liquid which leads to the cell membrane is not able to withstand the pressure, the cell wall exploded and fat cell contents running out.


During treatment, the treated area will feel warm, or you will hear a squeaking or chirping in their ears. The sound is undertones that occurs when the ultrasound hits on fat. the sound is converted to a small shock wave and transported throughout the body and is perceived by the ear as sound. This is completely harmless, the sound ceases the moment the ultrasound probe is separated from the body.


Most people know that dieting often leads to rapid weight loss but also rapid weight gain after slimming. Our treatment leads to fat cells are gone and can not return to its previous state, that is, our treatment makes it much more difficult to gain weight after treatment compared to dieting.


Before treatment, preferably 24 hours or more, you should reduce the intake of carbohydrates. The treatment we do release a lot of "triglycerides" are fatty acids, which are a source of energy in your body. This means that your body strives to save the carbohydrates in your body system at the time of treatment. The body will have a large supply of nutrients after treatment, so you should think about carbohydrate intake before to achieve the best possible results.


Liquid / Drink
The treatment we perform release as much waste products as a tough classic massage, which means you can feel cold and a bit scruffy after treatment. It is important that you drink a lot of water directly adjacent to the treatment, this is to help the body get rid of waste products.

After the ultrasound treatment, we will give you a draining treatment in the form of cupping (Traditional China Medicine) and acupuncture to the treatment (not simultaneously) and of course we wish you move after treatment. This is an important part of the whole fat reduction, mainly to boost your lymphatic system which is now to take over and restore fluids and debris in the blood system, which was later run out the remains normal route from your body. Process is relatively slow, it may take up to 72 hours before the lymphatic system is finished with the job.


Cupping also occurs in traditional Chinese medicine where the chalice of glass (now also plastic) used. The negative pressure created by the air in them first heated over a flame and then rapidly applied to the locus to be treated. Cupping is used among others to treat back and neck.

Today, cupping is used as a supplement and aids to massages. Sugkoppor plastic / rubber in different sizes are used to be pressed onto the skin and moved back and forth over the treatment area. Under pressure affects the connective tissue in muscles and subcutaneous and considered as promoting blood circulation.


Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture can help to adjust the body's metabolic function, including glucose metabolism, fat burning and increasing metabolism. At the same time, it helps to adjust the digestion, inhibit gastric motility, prolong gastric emptying time, and has the effect of inhibiting gastric acid secretion, and reduce hunger feeling so to reduce energy intake. In addition, it improves gastrointestinal function, and ultimately the Qi (energy) are transported better in the body by clearing yin and yang channels.