Silhouette Soft combines lifting and volume to create a natural-looking effect that can last up to 18 months.

Skönhet kommer inifrån!


Silhouette Soft is a mini facelift that does not require surgery but is performed by a physician with special training in the use of this special technology. The Silhouette Soft threads are inserted into either the neck, jaw, cheeks, cheekbones and eyebrows with thin needles so that the facial contours can be shaped and lifted. The treatment takes a maximum of 60 minutes and requires 2-3 days of recovery.


Silhouette Soft is developed by Sinclair Pharma and the threads consist mainly of polylactic acid (PLA), a material that has been used for years as surgical thread, orthopedic staples, screws for fractures, etc. as PLA is compatible with the human body and completely biodegradable. Once the threads are inserted, the polylactic acid starts stimulating the surrounding tissue to form more collagen, resulting in firmer tissue and regained volume where the natural ageing process has caused it to diminish.


In short, Silhouette Soft combines lifting and volume to create a natural-looking effect that can last up to 18 months.



Silhouette Soft works like a mini facelift that both enhances your natural face shape, but also gives you your contours back where your natural tissue has become thinner with age.


You will notice the lift immediately after the treatment while the collagen lift will appear over time, e.g. over your cheekbones and eyebrows – adding to the overall rejuvenated and fresher look.

No matter what area you want to focus on, the Silhouette Soft treatment can be tailored to your requirements. It is a flexible technology that follows your unique facial features as it combines lift and volume in all the right places, and the effects can be used to highlight what in your eyes are your best features.


Inviocare’s specialist doctor uses Silhouette Soft on the jaws, neck, cheeks, cheekbones and eyebrows and you will be able to see the result Silhouette Soft’s lifting effect immediately, while the collagen building volume will evolve over the weeks and months after application.



Silhouette Soft is applied using local anaesthetics and it is always performed by our Chief Medical Officer and specialist doctor, who is specially trained in using Silhouette Soft. The treatment takes around 60 minutes, and the threads are inserted with a fine needle, after which the area can be shaped using light pressure, thus creating the desired lift and contours.


The effect of Silhouette Soft can be seen immediately and the volume generating collagen effect will increase as the Silhouette Soft threads gradually integrate with the surrounding tissue. The treatment requires 2-3 days of recovery and the effect lasts for up to 18 months.